Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Koerber Arrest

On Saturday May 24th, 2014 at around 15:00 I was patrolling through Davis Square in the City of Somerville. I heard an unknown person yell “Fight!” from
the direction of statue park. As I looked over out of the cruiser window I saw one female later identified as Jill Koerber striking another female. There was a male later identified as JD who was putting himself between Koerber and the victim who was also struck at least once. I called for additional units and separated the two females. Officers Perrone, Schnieder, Teves, and Detective Collazo arrived on scene to assist. I asked the victim what led to the fight and she stated that Koerber asked for a cigarette lighter and when she refused Koerber began shouting at her and eventually started hitting her. JD confirmed her statement that Koerber began to get violent because neither he nor the victim had a lighter to give Koerber.

As I was trying to interview the victim and the witness Koerber was yelling about a lighter and shouting “Yeah Bitch!, keep looking over here cause you’re gonna get fucked up”. This all took place in the middle of Statue Park where there were at least two dozen children and several bystanders trying to watch the street band which was playing in the middle of the park. After repeated warnings to stop yelling and threatening the victim, Koerber continued to shout profanities at her and threaten her. As Koerber was yelling this she kept approaching the victim, I cuffed Koerber and informed her that I was placing her under arrest for Assault and Battery in my presence and for disorderly. As Officer Teves and myself were placing Koerber in Unit 200 she began to kick and scream shouting “you bitch, all this over a lighter!”. Koerber was transported to the Somerville Police Station via Unit 200 and Brown was advised.

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