Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Cashman Arrest

On the above date and time I was dispatched to Target Department Store located at Somerville Ave. for a report of a shoplifter. On my arrival I was
directed to the loss prevention office where the subject was being detained. I spoke to agent who informed me that she had observed the individual who was later identified as Charles Cashman take three packet of AAA batteries and stuff them in his jacket pocket. The agent further stated she followed Mr. Cashman where she further observed him take a “‘Hot Wheel Car” out of the package and placed that in his jacket. Mr. Cashman was then followed to the front of the store where he then attempted to exit without having paid for the items. He was confronted by loss prevention and store security. Once she identified herself, Mr. Cashman became combative and attempted to push his way pass her. In the brief struggle that followed, loss prevention had her foot stepped on and I also observed a red mark around her neck this was a result of having been pushed.

I now turned my attention to Mr. Cashman and asked if he had any identification. At this point he exploded in rage, saying he was a “veteran and wasn’t going to be arrested for this shit” Mr. Cashman continued in his loud behavior and stated he could not believe he was being detained for this. “This is nothing ” . At this point loss prevention informed me that this was not his first time and that he had been detained several times in the past as well as haven been given a trespass form the store. Mr. Cashman was placed under arrest for the above charge.

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