Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Juvenile Arrest at SHS

On May 22, 2014 at approximately 1:20 P.M., I assisted Vice-Principal remove two juveniles from Somerville High School. Both are students.

Vice-Principal sent them out of the building earlier after a minor incident. They returned and were wandering the hallways when a teacher brought it to the Vice-Principal’s attention.

I was with VP when he escorted them out the front door for the second time at approximately 1:20. One of the juvenile’s was particularly unhappy about being removed and called VP a “Bitch” as he walked away.

About ten minutes later, I received word that both students were trying to re-enter the building for a third time. I met VP as we were both walking to the gymnasium area of the school.

When we arrived at the atrium; the area near the gym, we saw both juveniles were inside the building. I placed both into custody and called the police department to sent the wagon with a second set of handcuffs.

The wagon arrived shortly thereafter and I placed them into custody. Both were arrested for disrupting a public assembly.

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