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Debenedetto Arrest

On April 11th, 2014, I, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit West-6 during the day shift. The following report is a summary of the events.

At approximately 10:46am, I was dispatched to Medford St., the Olde Magoun Saloon bar and restaurant, for a report of a dispute involving an employee. I arrived a short time later along with (West-4). Upon entering the bar, I observed shattered glass littering floor. The broken glass covered nearly the entire back half of the establishment.

I met with the reporting person and owner of the bar at the door. Owner stated that an employee who he had just fired started throwing bottles and pint glasses around the bar. The employee, Robyn Debenedetto, was also on scene. Debenedetto started shouting that he was lying, and that he had put her in a headlock.

Owner stated that he had terminated Debenedetto’s employment prior to her arrival. Despite this, Debenedetto came to work. Debenedetto then refused to leave when asked, and began throwing glasses around the bar. Owner’s only desire was that she left the establishment and not come back.

When I questioned Debenedetto if she was injured anywhere she stated no. I asked to see Debenedetto’s text messages on her cell phone to prove their relationship and she complied. The text messages did seem to indicate that they were in a dating relationship. In one of Debenedetto’s texts to owner sent on the same day of this incident, she acknowledged that she had been fired. On another text message she had indicated that she had smashed owner’s TV into pieces.

I observed a dark stain on the front owner’s left jeans pant leg, in the shin area. I asked him if he was injured and he lifted the pant leg which revealed a small laceration with fresh blood on his left calf. I asked how he had obtained the laceration, and he stated that it had occurred when Debenedetto had thrown the glasses.

Based on the facts and evidence at the scene, I formed the opinion that this was a domestic violence situation, and that Debenedetto was the primary aggressor. I placed Debenedetto into handcuffs in a manner consistent with my training, informing her that she was under arrest .

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