Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Valdez Arrest

On the above date and time, I was working a paid police detail at the Joshua Tree nightclub and restaurant, located on Elm Street, in Somerville. While I was there, I observed the door staff turn away an identified female ,
believing that she was to intoxicated to be allowed entry. The female was part of a group of approximately 6 persons, and when she was denied entry, the others left without incident, except for one male, who was later identified as John Valdez, the defendant in this case.
The defendant began arguing with the female staff member who had denied his friend entry. After this went on for serval minutes, and showed no sign of ending, so I stepped in and asked the defendant to leave the building. The defendant’s action were causing a crowd to gather and made it difficult for patrons to enter or leave the building because he was blocking the narrow entrance area. At this time, the defendant turned his anger towards me, and began to argue with me. I asked the defendant three times to leave. He did not. Finally, I was able to escort the defendant out the front door to the sidewalk. Once out on the sidewalk, the defendant demanded my badge number, to which I responded “141”. I then closed the front door leaving the defendant on the sidewalk. Just as I was about to turn away from the door, the defendant struck the window located in the front door, with his hand, causing the window to shatter. The window is made of plate glass, and measures approximately 2 ft by 2 ft. The value of the window was estimated to be in excess of $250.00.
Due to the defendant’s action of breaking the window, I decided to place the defendant under arrest and I exited the building. I informed the defendant that he was under arrest, and he attempted to flee. I was able to grab hold of the defendant’s arms to prevent his flight. I tried to handcuff the defendant but he kept trying to pull away from me. I ordered the defendant numerous times to place his arms behind his back so that I could handcuff him, but he refused and continued to struggle. I was finally able to use my body to pin the defendant against a wall and using my police radio, call for assistance. When other officers arrived, we were finally able to handcuff the defendant.

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