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Thompson Arrest

On 4/13/14 while in patrol uniform and operating marked unit E2, I was dispatched to K-Mart at the Assembly Square Mall for a report of a male shoplifter who was being detained in their loss prevention office.

Upon arrival, I was met by, loss prevention personnel. He stated that a male suspect later identified as Mr. Kevin R. Thompson was observed walking past several cash registers with a shopping cart containing unpaid merchandise, making no attempt to pay for it before exiting the store. At the 2nd exit door he was approached by loss prevention personnel and asked for proof of purchase. At that moment, he became very loud and tried to get past loss prevention to exit the store. He was stopped and advised to go back in the store. He refused and tried to him out of his way. It quickly escalated to a physical struggle during which Mr. Thompson fell to the ground and is alleged to have pulled a knife from his person to attack him. He was quickly restrained, and taken back to the loss prevention office. I retrieved the knife and logged it into evidence. All the merchandise were returned to K-Mart and Mr. Thompson was placed under arrest for Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Shoplifting.

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