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Damage Arrest

On April 6, 2014 at 02:30 AM I heard a loud crash while parked on Summer St lot. As I was about to pull out of the lot to investigate, I witnessed two
individuals kicking a vehicle on Summer Street in front of Windom Street in front of me. They were later identified as s1 and s2 and they will be referred to as S1 and S2 from now on.
Two individuals, S! and S2, walking down the street in the westerly direction. They immediately kicked a vehicle in my presence. This vehicle MA Reg had the driver’s side mirror turned in but no damage.

Upon further investigation, I went up the street where I heard the loud crash, and a City of Somerville Fire box was completely knocked over on the odd side of the street near Summer Street.

Before I asked any questions both suspects willingly said they were stupid and they would pay for any damage done and then I asked the suspects why they kicked the cars and suspect S1 said it was stupid and they would pay the damage. I said that couldn’t happened because the Fire Box was probably too expensive and there was too much damage. S2 said they could pay and they would pay anything because they feared they would be kicked out of the country.

I could only contact two vehicle owners of RI Reg and MA Reg. I asked both parties if the vehicles already had damage and they both said no. The damage to the vehicles are the driver’s side mirrors which are smashed.

Six Photos were taken and saved in this report.

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