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Yordi Rebollo Arrest

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, I Officer was on paid detail for the Somerville Police Department at the Samba Bar located at Somerville Ave. At
approximately 1215am it was brought to my attention by bar staff that a male was causing a disturbance in the bar area of the establishment. The male is identified as Rodrigo Y. Rebollo. I observed Rebollo who appeared to be intoxicated, being belligerent to patrons of the establishment. I advised Rebello to pay his tab and I would escort him off the property. After several requests for him to comply with my orders and walk out with me he refused. I attempted to escort him away from the bar area and at this time he pushed me away and ran onto the dance floor area of establishment. I was able to gain control of Rebollo and proceeded to escort him out of the bar. While escorting him out of the bar he continued to act loud and continued with his tumultuous behavior attempting to go back to the bar area. When escorting Rebollo out of the establishment to the front door he kicked the bottom pane of glass in the front door shattering the glass. At this point I attempted to place Rebollo into custody when he again pushed me an attempted to run away. I caught up with Rebello a short distance away and at this time he was handcuffed and placed into custody.

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