The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week Alderman at Large John M. (Jack) Connolly

Jack has one overarching ambition – to serve the people of Somerville and represent their interests at the local, state and federal levels.

As a Somerville Alderman at Large, Jack believes transparency is the key to a vibrant democracy.

Jack has served the City of Somerville for a total of over 14 terms; a total of over 28 1/2 years.

Currently, Jack is serving as the Vice President of the Board of Alderman.

In 2013 Jack was appointed by the President of the Board of Alderman to serve on the following committees:

Public Health and Public Safety: as Chairman
Senior Services: as Chairman
Finance: as Vice Chairman
Veterans and Public Services: as Vice Chairman
Legislative Matters: as a Committee Member

He is working with city agencies to help develope a plan for the city’s future and he encourages new business growth and works together with state agencies

He and his staff are always available and want to hear from you.

He began his campaign as Somerville Alderman at Large because he believes a better world is possible.

Unprecedented challenges require bold leadership to find the right solutions.

Jack also sits on many worthy charitable boards from The Walnut Street Center helping mentally challenged individuals make life more meaningful, to being one of the organizers of the Somerville Special Olympics all year just to name a few!

The Somerville News Weekly congratulates and thanks you for all that you do for the people Somerville to make it a better place!

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