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Dasilva arrest

The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest. On the
above date and time, while assigned to marked unit 662, in full uniform, I was dispatched to Target Dept. Store at 180 Somerville Avenue. Upon my arrival, along with marked unit 661, Off. Faria and I spoke with Target’s Loss Prevention Officer . he informed us of the circumstances which lead to the detention and arrest of the following defendant: Maria DaSilva of 138 Gordon Avenue, apartment number one, Hyde Park, MA.

While LP was reviewing a surveillance video from a previous incident at the store, he observed the defendant on video, in the watch aisle, place several watches inside of her purse. LP then apprehended the defendant attempting to exit the store without paying for the merchandise. LP later confirmed that the purse in which the defendant placed the watches in also belongs to Target.

The defendant shoplifted the following merchandise:
#1 – A Timex wrist watch valued at 32.99,
#2 – 4 additional Timex wrist watch each valued at $39.99,
#3 – A Morona wrist watch valued at $19.99, and
#4 – A Tote Morona hand purse valued at $29.99

LP further informed me that Ms. DaSilva had been caught several times in the past, by Target Security shoplifting from the store. A research conducted by LP into Ms. DaSilva’s past incidents at Target revealed that on 11/17/09, 01/06/11, and 07/15/12 Ms. DaSilva was caught shoplifting. Today’s incident would make it the fourth time Ms. DaSilva has been caught shoplifting from Target. The total amount for the above merchandise has been estimated at $242.93.

I placed the defendant under arrest for the above stated charges. She was handcuffed and placed in the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, Wagon #200, operated by Off. Soares, and she was transported to the Station where she was booked and advised of her rights.

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