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Bonderev arrest

On February 12, 2014 at approximately 1843 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau.
I was summoned to the scene of a Motor Vehicle accident with personal injury on Beacon Street at Miller Street, both public ways within the City of Somerville.

I observed the Honda Ridgeline in the Eastbound travel lane on Beacon Street to have Front end damage. There was also glass and small shards of plastic on the roadway, which was dry and appeared to be free of potholes. I observed a 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit in front of the Honda Ridgeline, also in the eastbound lane of Beacon Street, with heavy rear end damage and a blown out rear hatch window. The operator of the Volkswagen Rabbit, Ma. , was sitting in the operators seat speaking with two Ambulance personnel. The woman, later identified as , was crying and wanted to go home and see a doctor in the Morning. I interrupted briefly and asked Victim what had happened ?v stated she had her left directional on and was at a stop waiting to take a left onto Miller St, , and she was rear ended by that white truck (pointing with her left thumb back at the Honda Ridgeline). She further stated that she was “way back there when I was stopped”, pointing back toward the Honda Ridgeline.
I observed very short skid marks left on the roadway from the Honda Ridgeline and estimated the Volkswagen Rabbit was pushed forward approximately 25-30 feet. I then walked over and spoke with the defendant
I queried the defendants license status through the registry of Motor Vehicles and learned that the defendants Right to Operate was Revoked. The reason for the revocation was for being a habitual traffic Offender.Based on the accident, my observations, statements, and a culmination of many factors I determined that the defendant was operating a Motor Vehicle under the influence of alcohol and over the legal limits. I placed the defendant under arrest for Operating under the influence, Operating after Revocation, Operating after Revocation as a habitual Traffic Offender, and after I concluded my investigation which included observing his drivers history and Board of Probation I might have additional Charges.
The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Station by unit 200, Officer DeOliveira and booked in the usual manner

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