It’s Somerville BULB BLITZ time again!

On a crisp day in fall for the past two years, volunteers have simultaneously appeared at public spaces, gardening tools in hand, to plant over 6,000 bulbs all over the City of Somerville in just one morning. The Bulb Blitz is a flash mob planting of sorts, during which community members bury tulip and daffodil bulbs that will come up the next Spring. In addition to being rewarded by swaths of color after a long winter, participants meet their neighbors and build stewardship for Somerville’s public spaces. The 2013 Bulb Blitz will occur on Saturday, October 19, from 10 a.m. to noon at the sites listed below. Participants can sign up at . For more information, please visit the Somerville Urban Ag Blog at or contact Bulb Blitz mastermind and Senior Landscape Designer Luisa Oliveira at

Bulb Blitz Locations:
Concord Square (between Inman and Union Squares) Central Broadway/ Magoun Square (along Trum Field) Morse Kelley Park (at the intersection of Craigie and Summer Streets) The Davis Square Median (opposite the plaza) Chuckie Harris Park (15 Cross Street East) Nunziato Field in Union Square (at intersection of Summer St. and Vinal Ave.)

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