By Bob Katzen

Sen. Sonia Chang Diaz (D-Boston) dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination for governor. Her name will still remain on the September Democratic primary ballot as June 10 was the last day a candidates can withdraw their name from the ballot. Her exit leaves Attorney General Maura Healey as the only Democrat actively campaigning for the Democratic nomination. Former Sen. Geoff Diehl and Chris Doughty are vying for the Republican nod.
Here are some quotes from Chang-Diaz upon her exit from the campaign:

“I know my announcement about this campaign will feel like an ending to many of you, but I don’t see it that way. I got into this race because Beacon Hill has taken too long to address our commonwealth’s biggest challenges due to a lack of courage from our political leaders. We don’t overcome that by winning one election. We overcome it by winning a handful and then dozens and then hundreds of elections.”

“The reality is this race has always been about more than just me. It’s been about all of us coming together and building a movement for courage and urgency in this state. A good leader calls the question and focuses resources not just on themselves—but on the best way to build our power and win real change for the long-term.”

“I am going to be spending my time campaigning and marshaling my supporters and the movement we’ve built for these Courage Democrats down ballot, candidates who walk the walk when it comes to our values. I have no doubt that they will fight to put courage over politics in our state, and I am going to be using my energy to help put them into office.”

Here’s what the candidates still in the race said:

“I’m deeply grateful to Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz for her many years of service to Massachusetts and her inspired leadership during this campaign. The legacy of her campaign will live on through the young girls who finally saw themselves represented in a candidate for the highest office in the state. I look forward to continuing to partner with Sen. Chang-Díaz to bring people together and make Massachusetts work for all of our families.”
—Maura Healey

“I would like to thank State Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz for her candidacy for governor and I wish her all the best. Her departure from the race makes this now a clear contest between my vision to make Massachusetts a better place to live and work, and the policies of Maura Healey which would drive more families and businesses to leave our state in search of better opportunities elsewhere. I look forward to a spirited campaign that provides contrast between these two different visions over the next several months.”
—Geoff Diehl

Chris Doughty did not respond to repeated requests from Beacon Hill Roll Call for a comment on Chang-Diaz’s withdrawal.

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