Somerville Ignores Their Own in the Fight to Help Handicapped People

By Arthur Moore

This has been an ongoing issue here in Winter Hill. Despite this whole bike lane project not working from the start and to this day the lane sits empty with the rare exception of a bike once in a great while. The lane is useless here as there is no use for it. It hurts everyone who is handicapped or has mobility issues and even prevents them from going to places they like and want to go and for absolutely no reason other than to hurt them. Continue reading Somerville Ignores Their Own in the Fight to Help Handicapped People

The Commission approved these minutes MARIJUANA RETAILER LICENSES New Marijuana Retailer License

10-21-19 – Licensing Commission Meeting Minutes – REVISED Posted on 11-21-19 at 1030am-converted

Statement from Then City Council President and Ward 7 Councilor Katjana Ballantyne serving as Acting Mayor for the Host Community Agreement Process for Marijuana Retail


Adult Use Marijuana was approved in Massachusetts in a 2016 ballot question by 53.6% statewide and by 73.6% in Somerville. The duty of The Marijuana Advisory Committee is to help fulfill this mandate. The MAC conducted a careful and thorough review of 15 applications, from the first round, for Community Host Agreements. Three were selected to be recommended to the Licensing Commission (see #’s 2,3 & 4 below). The MAC will soon review the second round of applications. According to the

criteria in Section 2.221 of the City Code of Ordinances, priority applicants were identified and based on a number of factors to insure they will best serve our community. The MAC recommended Category A priority applicants only. Category B applicants are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Somerville. At least half the licenses issued must be issued to Priority category A applicants. President Ballantyne respectfully submits these recommendations to the Licensing Commission for review