Somerville Kiwanis Club Award Eight Scholarships

SOMERVILLE_ On Thursday, June 2nd, The Somerville Kiwanis Club presented eight $1500 scholarships to deserving Somerville High School seniors. The eight students receiving scholarships were among 117 students who competed for the annual awards. The scholarship committee, headed by Distinguished Past President Dave O’Brien, who is a former SHS teacher, did an outstanding
job selecting these students. Five of the recipients were present at the club’s meeting at the Mount Vernon Restaurant. President Mernaysa Rivera-Bujosa congratulated the students for their hard work during these difficult years of studying with pandemic restrictions. Continue reading Somerville Kiwanis Club Award Eight Scholarships

Maverick: Top Gun 2: Review

Don’t Let the Girlfriend Fool Ya, Tom Cruise is Back, and he’s looking for a new wing man!


The Sequel to Top Gun

An Evaluation by Joe Viglione

Tom Cruise, the film-making businessman, plays to his strengths in what is a quasi-Mission Impossible saga. This critic has no idea who the enemy is that has some nuclear something somewhere that now-teacher Maverick (Tom Cruise) has to train his children to blast into oblivion. Vladmir Putin and Osama Bin Laden are not blamed for this, and it could be an alien entity taking over Iraq for all we know: the plot doesn’t depend on a known enemy…how strange is that?

Continue reading Maverick: Top Gun 2: Review

Somerville-Help Stop Black Swallow-Wort in Somerville This Summer

The City of Somerville is partnering with community groups again this year to raise awareness about black swallow-wort (BSW), a very aggressive and invasive, non-native weed that can be found throughout Somerville. BSW displaces native plants and habitats, threatens butterflies and songbirds, and is toxic to deer and livestock. It is especially harmful to the monarch butterfly population because it resembles milkweed, where monarchs lay their eggs, and once the monarch larvae hatch, they die from eating the toxic BSW leaves. Continue reading Somerville-Help Stop Black Swallow-Wort in Somerville This Summer