Fellow Somerville Police Officers Rally For Deceased Fellow Officer

Former Somerville Police Officer Martha Costa today is at the Powder House Rotary standing out in response to the Somerville DPW Commissioner for ordering the cruiser of the deceased police officer off the rotary island! 🇺🇸 ❤️ R.I.P. Randy Isaacs

8 thoughts on “Fellow Somerville Police Officers Rally For Deceased Fellow Officer”

  1. Martha thanks again for looking out for our brother! Thanks for all your hard work watching the high school in the early 2000’s to make sure we were safe!

  2. Good for you Martha, nice job!!!
    Screw the commissioner, she has no respect for those who serve and protect the city residents.

  3. Way to GO Martha 🇺🇸💙👮‍♂️RIP officer Isaacs💔
    Respect our Police officers DPW you suck

  4. Kudos to Sgt Costa. One decent and respectful Officer paying homage to another. The disrespectful order of the current DPW director should well be remembered for what it was……political. RIP Officer Isaacs. Sincere Sympathy to Officer Isaacs family. Retired Somerville Lieutenant

  5. Where are the BLM supporters for this officer? Perhaps, if there had been a BLM sash on his cruiser, it would have been allowed to stay.

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