The Commission approved these minutes MARIJUANA RETAILER LICENSES New Marijuana Retailer License

10-21-19 – Licensing Commission Meeting Minutes – REVISED Posted on 11-21-19 at 1030am-converted

Statement from Then City Council President and Ward 7 Councilor Katjana Ballantyne serving as Acting Mayor for the Host Community Agreement Process for Marijuana Retail


Adult Use Marijuana was approved in Massachusetts in a 2016 ballot question by 53.6% statewide and by 73.6% in Somerville. The duty of The Marijuana Advisory Committee is to help fulfill this mandate. The MAC conducted a careful and thorough review of 15 applications, from the first round, for Community Host Agreements. Three were selected to be recommended to the Licensing Commission (see #’s 2,3 & 4 below). The MAC will soon review the second round of applications. According to the

criteria in Section 2.221 of the City Code of Ordinances, priority applicants were identified and based on a number of factors to insure they will best serve our community. The MAC recommended Category A priority applicants only. Category B applicants are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Somerville. At least half the licenses issued must be issued to Priority category A applicants. President Ballantyne respectfully submits these recommendations to the Licensing Commission for review

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