Lt. General Nicholas J. Del Torto Dedication In Somerville

By William Tauro

This past Saturday morning, a square was dedicated in the name of Lt. General Nicholas J. Del Torto.  Lt. General Nicholas J. Del Torto was a WWII decorated hero and had a military career spanning 38 years. The dedication took place across from his old family home located at 273 Highland Avenue in Somerville.

Del Torto entered the war in 1942 and spent his youth between the Pacific and then Europe. He was on the D-Day invasion of Normandy.  He was on the third wave at Omaha Beach. Earlier he was awarded the Silver Star for Gallantry in Austria for a heroic action taken against the Nazis who were taking out his platoon. He also had other decorations as well. 

Del Torto retired in 1981. He retired as a three star general. Also, he was the Commander of the 26th Yankee Infantry Division for the longest term of any of the Division Commanders. 

Photos: Articles from 1942 and one of Lt. General Nicholas J. Del Torto’s retirement testimonials.

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