Somerville Ignores Their Own in the Fight to Help Handicapped People

By Arthur Moore

This has been an ongoing issue here in Winter Hill. Despite this whole bike lane project not working from the start and to this day the lane sits empty with the rare exception of a bike once in a great while. The lane is useless here as there is no use for it. It hurts everyone who is handicapped or has mobility issues and even prevents them from going to places they like and want to go and for absolutely no reason other than to hurt them.

I have stood out on the street and advocated for help for these people. Had a special meeting at city hall. Nothing. Not one elected official stepped in to help the people that voted for them to represent them. We grew up here having respect for our elders. For some reason even those from here have lost that concept. I am enclosing a letter that to this day is still ignored from 2019. What are they waiting for? The mobility department is doing the opposite of their job. If they can’t do it submit their resignation and let someone else have the job who can do it. Enough! Do something humane for a change for those who need it that you took away from them. Someday when you get there maybe you will understand.

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