Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Please Don’t Put It In Our Neighborhood

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

We are very impressed with you ambitious programs to save Somerville. We are sorry we missed you when you dropped off your material on Lowden Avenue.

We are familiar with corruption in this city as many of the houses on Lowden are owned by one families members. They buy a 2 family house and apply for a permit to turn the basement into a family room. But it’s not there family that uses it. It’s rented to others. Then when the properties go through re-assessment the house is assessed as a three family. There’s more but you have enough on your plate.

We’re also hoping you will join our neighborhood and prevent Advesa from acquiring their proposed marijuana retail store in Ball Square at 690-694 Broadway.

There’s no parking and the sidewalks are jammed with people waiting to get into the restaurants.

And when the Greenline comes into fruition people from outside Somerville will be flocking to our neighborhood close to the Brown School. I’m sure the Greenline is a major factor in their decision to get this space.

We’ve written to the board to suggest Advesa procure the former Star Market on Winter Hill which has plenty of parking and a large space to handle the many people using their store inside the building. Plus if the city permits they could potentially add a growing area indoors. Perhaps tax incentives would help them see this is a far better site.

We and our neighbors are totally against them being allowed permits at their proposed location.

Thanks you,
Concerned Resident

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