Real Life Somerville Police Stories:OUI Liquor Arrest

On 04/16/2022, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit West Seven. At approximately 03:17 hours, I was dispatched to Holland St. for an unconscious individual inside a motor vehicle. As I proceeded to the area, Somerville Control advised me that the vehicle was on Broadway near it’s intersection with Curtis St. Both streets are public ways. Once on scene, I observed three Somerville Firefighters standing by an SUV bearing MA TAG XXXX.

They advised me that there were two unconscious parties inside the vehicle. I observed an unconscious male in the driver’s seat and still holding his cell phone, and an unconscious female in the passenger seat. After repeated attempts to gain the attention of both parties, by pounding on the vehicle and shouting to them, both parties still remained unresponsive. All doors and the rear hatch were locked. The vehicle was still in drive. I requested the Officer Dell’Isola, in West Six, position his vehicle in front of the SUV to prevent it from rolling. The firefighters and I believed that there might have been a hazardous substance within the vehicle. I advised Sergeant Kim of our concern and requested permission to force entry via a window. Permission was granted and I broke the rear driver’s side window.
Even after the window had been broken, neither party responded to us. The driver, Tenzin Thoulutsang eventually responded after a firefighter opened the rear door. Mr. Thoulutsang immediately grabbed the steering wheel and began to turn it. All on scene advised him to put the vehicle in park. He then rolled down his window. One of the fireman advised me that the vehicle was shifted into park. I asked Mr. Thoulutsang to step out of the vehicle. He remained in his vehicle and nodded. Thoulutsang did not seem to understand our requests. I was concerned that there might have been a dangerous substance in the vehicle, and I was concerned that Mr. Thoulutsang was going to began to drive the vehicle. I assisted Mr. Thoulutsang’s exit from the vehicle to quickly remove him from any potential hazard, and I escorted him to the sidewalk. The fire department removed the female passenger, later identified as XXXX.
Once on the sidewalk, I asked him what was going on, and advised him that we had come across him and his female friend, passed out inside the vehicle. He offered no explanation for this. He stated that he was headed home. As I spoke with him, I observed that his eyes were glassy, and his answers to my questions were indirect. I believed that Mr. Thoulutsang was under the influence of a substance.
I asked Mr. Thoulutsang how much he had to drink. He stated that he had not consumed any alcohol. I then performed several field sobriety tests on Mr. Thoulutsang. The first test I administered was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. This test detects, the involuntary jerking of the eyes that can be present in those who are under the influence of alcohol. I asked Mr. Thoulutsang if he had any medical conditions that would inhibit testing. He stated that he did not. I asked him to remove his eye glasses, and he did. I advised Mr. Thoulutsang to follow the point of my pen using only his eyes. I then began the test. As I moved my pen, I observed that while following it’s path, Mr. Thoulutsang exhibited a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes, sustained and distinct nystagmus at maximum deviation in both eyes, and the onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both eyes. The results of this were six clues of impairment. I again asked Mr. Thoulutsang if he had been drinking, and advised him that based on the results of the SFSTs, I believed he had been. He stated that he had. He stated that he had consumed two drinks, several hours ago.
I then demonstrated the one leg stand for Mr. Thoulutsang. This test was administrered on a flat and level section of sidewalk and in a well lit area. I advised him to raise one of his feet as I had done in the demonstration, several inches off the ground. I asked him to count in “thousands”, which I also explained and demonstrated. Before he began, I asked him if he had any injuries that would prevent his performance. He stated that he did not. Mr. Thoulutsang began to attempt to take heel to toe steps. I stopped the testing and explained it again. Mr. Thoulutsang began. He then swayed, put his foot down and began to walk again. I observed two clues of impairment when he swayed and put his foot down.
I then explained and demonstrated the nine step walk and turn. This test was conducted in a flat, level, and well lit area, and I utilized a straight groove in the sidewalk as the line. During the first nine steps, Mr. Thoulutsang was unable to complete heel to toes steps and his toes angled off the line. As he turned, he lost his balance. As he continued through the last nine steps, he stepped off the line, and missed heel to toe steps. The heel to toe misses, and stepping off the line were two clues of impairment.
Based on the results of the SFSTs, I believed that Mr. Thoulutsang was under the influence of liquor. I then placed him under arrest for OUI Liquor 90/24/J.
I then spoke to Ms. XXXX. She told me that she had been drinking before she was with Mr. Thoulutsang. She was transported to Cambridge hospital as she too was intoxicated.
Mr. Thoulutsang was transported to SPD HQ for booking. He was then transported to the State Police barracks in Medford for BAC testing, the results of which were 0.12% BAC.
I issued Mr. Thoulutsang MA Citation T1824673 for OUI Liquor. The citation was included in his property.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrolman Christopher Collette

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