Somerville Real Estate for Dummies, the Five Million Dollar Abuse of Power

By Arthur Moore

We are fighting on so many fronts to stay ahead of things. The homeless problem here has long been ignored. Except when we clean them out and throw all their possessions in the rubbish. Why do we have homeless children going to school here? Why do so many not have a bed to sleep in and a meal when needed at least providing basic comfort? So many businesses and people trying to survive this pandemic.

Why do we have roads that are no longer maintained and have deteriorated into conditions hazardous to pedestrians, bikers and motorists alike. Is it because the council and mayor have no clue how to do this? Or are they too busy working on things like more than two partners? And now want to enter the real estate business but taking 5 million which is badly needed to fund the problems of the city to this new business? Mind you they can’t run this city never mind real estate. Mind you I am not against the arts but when it comes to feeding people and children who are homeless the arts would not be first on my list. No offense.  And what happened to taking care of our streets here?  Where was the money for this wasted? The people here are not stupid, they can see this with their very eyes. And yet the city wants to jump into a new venture with a past history of dismal failures. But the big question is why is the city council no longer working for the people of Somerville? They were voted in for that purpose. Is no one on the council going to stand up and work for us? I guess by now we all know the answer to that. November is coming. We already have in place a new mayor Mr. Tauro. Now we are in desperate need for people to step up and run for council. Look at the new ones jumping into the race. This is not going to work, we need people with the interest of Somerville going for this job. Look at what is going on. This is the year to change this and get back our city. Not lose more of it. There is a chance to save this city. It would be nice to truly make this a Great American City. Please Help!   

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