The Old Somerville Horse and Buggy Days

By Arthur Moore

I have been in this city for over 70 years. Long before the horse and buggy days. The kind we saw on tv with everyone getting jostled about. Then this is 2021 and why the heck are we bringing it back here.

I don’t care how you travel here in Somerville, walk, bike or drive. So many sidewalks are off limits to so many people due to the bad condition of them. Those of us with mobility problems can’t help but trip and fall on them. And we can’t afford to fix that. Biking? Look at the road if you don’t bike. I have for over 50 years and now if I was able to once again bike I would not let my tires touch these roads they are so bad. Recently I had major surgery. What a brutal assault on my body in my suv returning home. I am amazed I didn’t open up any of my 32 plus staples. You can’t avoid it, every road leading to my house are like the roads back in the day. This week was double brutal. I had to go and get out the staples and once again travel the roads here to the hospital and back. It was brutal. Fortunately I did not have a little car or I probably wouldn’t be here now. Where is the road repair money going? To some other city? The roads and sidewalks continue to get worse each year. What am I paying taxes for? Something is not right here. We seem to have money for so many stupid things but yet the things we need everyday have been neglected for years. And in the off chance they do fix up a street what happens next? They come back in and dig it up and you already know it is never the same again. If the people in charge of this cannot do the job then it’s time for people whi can to take over. Forget about those stupid plastic poles that make the streets and roads unsafe and fix the problem! And stop wasting paint on the roads. We don’t need roads painted for 12 year olds. So much waste here!

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