Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Robert RICHARDS (Resisting Arrest, Receiving Stolen Property, Poss. Burglarious Instrument) (Brookline Warrant)

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, at 8:39 P.M., Somerville Police control received a call from MGH security requesting Police officers to remove a man from their property located at 399 Revolution Drive.

Officer T. Lambert met Security officers near the MGH garage entrance and recognized the male from previous interaction as Robert RICHARDS. Officer Lambert also informed me that RICHARDS has two outstanding warrants out of Brookline District Court. I confirmed the warrants and told RICHARDS he was under arrest. I asked RICHARDS to place his hands behind his back and he immediately pulled away from Officer Lambert and attempted to run.

Officer Lambert took RICHARDS down using a leg sweep. RICHARDS got up and attempted to flee again. At this time, I grabbed RICHARDS’ right leg while Officer Lambert controlled his upper body and brought him down to the ground. I placed the handcuffs on RICHARDS’ left wrist and asked him to place his right hand behind his back but he continued to resist.

RICHARDS was transported to the Somerville Police headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Hartsgrove. During the inventory, I located bolt cutters and angle grinder; these tools are commonly used by criminals to cut bike locks. I also located 13 items of clothing with price tags attached and four of them had theft security devices attached. These items were identified as the property of Burlington Coat Factory and will be returned to the store. The bolt cutters and grinder will be placed into evidence.

RICHARDS was booked by Lieutenant Holland for:
– Warrant / Larceny from a building c.266 S20.
– Warrant / Larceny under $1200 c.266 S30.
– Resisting arrest c.268 S32B.
– Receive stolen property under $1200 c.266 S60.
– Possess burglarious instruments c.266 S4.

Respectfully submitted,

Ofc. Samir Messaoudi #312

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