Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Robert CHIASSON (OUI Liquor)

On April 27, 2021, at approximately 5:25 PM, I, Officer Daniel Dell’Isola, assigned to cruiser W7, responded to 177 Powder House Blvd for a motor vehicle accident.

Dispatch informed me that the reporting party, a female who was later identified as XXXX, stated that the person who struck her vehicle had expired paper work. Officer Christopher Collette and Officer Mark McLaughlin responded as backup.

When officers arrived on scene I spoke to Ms. XXXX who stated that she was operating her black Honda HR-V, MA Reg XXXX. Ms. XXXX stated that she was stopped at a stop sign located at the intersection of Powderhouse Blvd. and Curtis St. Ms. XXXX stated that while she was stopped at the stop sign, a black Chevy Silverado, MA Reg. XXXX, struck the rear of her vehicle. There was noticeable damage to the rear of the black Honda HR-V. Ms. XXXX stated that she was able to exchange information with the operator of the black Chevy Silverado, who was later identified as Robert Chiasson. Ms. XXXX stated that she noticed the registration that Mr. Chiasson provided her was expired.

While checking to see if Mr. Chiasson’s registration for his vehilce was valid, Ms. XXXX informed Officer McLaughlin that she smelled an oder of alcohol from Mr. Chiasson. Mr. Chiasson’s registration to his 2017 black Chevy Silverado was valid, he was just missing the up-to-date paper work. Ms. XXXX stated that she was not injured and declined medical attention. The damage to Ms. XXXX vehicle was minor and her vehicle was still operable.

While speaking to Mr. Chiasson I noticed a slurred speech and watery eyes. Mr. Chiasson was not wearing a mask during my interaction with him. Mr. Chiasson informed me that he rear ended Ms. XXXX vehicle. I asked Mr. Chiasson where he was coming from and he informed me that he was coming from The Pub, located at 682 Broadway, Somerville MA. Mr. Chiasson stated that he only had two drinks while he was there. I asked Mr. Chiasson what kind of drinks they were and he stated that they were Titos and soda. During my conversation with Mr. Chiasson, I noticed that he was swaying back and forth. Mr. Chiasson consented to conduct the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, which was conducted by Officer Collette. See Officer Collette’s supplemental report for the results of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test.

Due to the results of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, my observations of Mr. Chiasson during our conversation, and the statements that were made by Mr. Chiasson during our conversation, I placed Mr. Chiasson under arrest and charged him with OUI Liquor 2nd Offense, Massachusetts General Law Ch. 90 s. 24k. Officer Mark Canty arrived on scene with the prisoner transport vehicle (unit 200). Mr. Chiasson was transported to the Somerville Police Station and booked in the usual manner by Sgt. Marc DiFava.

After the booking process, Mr. Chiasson consented to a breath test. Mr. Chiasson blood alcohol content was at 0.19%. Mr. Chiasson was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation T1828603 in hand.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Daniel Dell’Isola #358

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