Somerville Mayor And City Councilors Booting & Towing Citizens During Pandemic Shutdown

By Arthur Moore

Once again the city steps in to help us in a time of great need for the people of Somerville. People out of work struggling to get by. Many businesses not even making enough to stay alive and closing. The rest hoping they can hang on.

And many parking spaces lost for no reason. The restaurants are taking parking also in the hopes of surviving. People have their cars at home waiting to go back to work. More cars being added to the city each year since we live in a place that for most of us our vehicle is very essential. Not as a luxury items but essential to our working and getting supplies we need to live on which number of people fail to see since they do not fall into that category. Street cleaning even is an insult now as this gives the city to ticket more cars that the struggling owners have no place to park them. And for those of us that are handicapped, well screw you. You do not have a chance. Now we want go back to towing and booting vehicles and adding more misery to those trying to get by. Granted at any other time this would be fine. And there are probably some that may deserve this. But we should be sticking together to help each other. The city policies have already put us behind all the other cities in the state as it is. We do now need this at this time. Let’s give some time until things open up and we have a fighting chance. Do we really have to wait until a new mayor is sworn in in January to do the right thing? Is there no one on the city council willing to speak up? I guess we know the answer to that question and why do I even bother to ask. People want the job but don’t want to do the work that comes with the position.

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