Somerville Speaking Line: More broken promises out of City Hall

Broken Promises and breached agreement dishonesty

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I had a conversation with Karen at the mayor office in regards to my street in how empty promises have been made to repave the street ….
& How the trees are popping up 45 percent of the sidewalk panels ……
Her response to me was I will get back to u …..

Billy I’ve been herring this from the mayor’s office for over 7 months ……
Do you have any suggestions on how better I can approach this problem ….
Because I feel like my calls to 311 & the construction engineer’s & the mayor’s office are falling on deaf ears ….
My father is disabled & in a wheelchair & can’t even use the full length of the sidewalk to go out & get fresh air …
The front of my house is fine , but the rest if the sidewalk and street is horrible …
Why should a man that worked 37 yrs in the union & payed all the taxes & property taxes , never missed a payment ….
To me it’s not Fair ….
& I see the pain in his eyes how he is let down but the mayor of Somerville ..
So please can u look into this for me as well as the rest of the disabled residents on my street .
Thanks Billy…..

Tony D

2 thoughts on “Somerville Speaking Line: More broken promises out of City Hall”

  1. Calling your councilor just puts you on the ignore list. At this moment in time the best bet won’t be until after the next election when we vote a new mayor in. And to help us we really need some long time residents to run for office. This would be the time to do so. I am doing just that myself in running for ward 4 I don’t need this at this time in my life but it is so bad now I just feel I have to put back. So many people have come to me and talk about these problems in the city and are getting nowhere in getting anything done for them. No one speaks up for them. At least people here know I will speak up at least. And continue the fight. Somerville is way off track in taking care of it’s own now. Let’s take Somerville back this time. Enough already.

  2. This has been going on for the past 6 years and counting. Mark my words– the politicians are using Covid to avoid doing their jobs. Constituency services has gone out the window. We have a number of overgrown sidewalk trees in our neighborhood as well as across the entire city. Yet, street cleaning is on time especially during holiday weeks when residents have family members visiting from out of town. Also, further neglect continues with the crumbling sewer system. The periodic flushing of sewer lines is useless. Where are our millions in tax revenue going? Oh that’s right.. Union Sq. Gentrification. Call your councilors and demand repairs. They were hired to service Constituents not developers and the mayor’s enterprising agenda.

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