Thank You Storm Somerville?

By Arthur Moore

Thursday I on my home it was so nice not to see those saw horses and signs that have cluttered up our streets. Much of the time they are all over the place or in pieces. You know, the ones that once people know what they are for they just ignore them.

Only because they are so useless and we don’t have the kind of streets here that even qualify for this sort of thing. Plus it confuses people when they first see it and they sit in the road trying to figure it out and block traffic. If we had streets going to a beach or something maybe. I did see some of those silly plastic poles gone but sadly many are still left making our city look ugly while one day they will be sitting in some landfill. I saw no notice they were taking them in so I am not sure if it was because of the storm or not but I for one am thankful to be rid of them. Hopefully for good. Let’s try to make this city look decent in these troubling times. Not degrade it. Now please take out those poles looking so stupid all over the city. People pay over a million for places now and have to look at those? I can’t wait for next November elections here. Let’s get some people in office that actually want to work for the people in this city. I encourage and long time residents to get out and run for office. That is the input we really need here. I have been here over 70 years now and I am running because so many of us are overlooked and am tired of people coming in here new to the city and running for office with no clue what we need and want here. Another reason for Billy Tauro to become mayor. People that know and want to take back our city.

One thought on “Thank You Storm Somerville?”

  1. Arthur your wishes will come true this evening when the plows send the poles flying. You cannot see them on a rainy day I do not think you will see them in the snow.
    The poles go north.

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