Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Steven GARCIA (Trespass & Larceny Under; Haverhill & Malden Warrants)

On Sunday April 28, 2019, I, Officer Jorge Morel, and my partner, Officer Devin Schneider, was working patrol in marked cruiser (East-1) during the 4pm-12am shift. At approximately 5:34pm, Officer Schneider and I responded to a report of a possible shoplifter at Home Depot (75 Mystic Ave). Home Depot Loss Prevention Officer XXXX notified us that, there was a male subject inside the store, who had been trespassed previously for shoplifting. The suspect was reported to be wearing black jeans, black hoodie and a black backpack. Officer Schneider and I started to make our way to the location. Shortly after, XXXX updated us that, he observed the male subject in the store conceal multiple items inside his backpack. Upon arrival, Officers observed, XXXX and the male subject who matched XXXX descriptions, standing outside the store exit. Officers escorted the male subject back inside the Loss prevention Office. The male subject was later identified as Steven Garcia. Shortly after, Officers Marika Duval and Alex Lorentti (West-5) arrived as back-up.

A search of Mr. Garcia’s person yielded no further evidence. A search of Mr. Garcia’s backpack revealed that he had concealed 2 Dewalt drills, and 2 battery packs with a charging station. XXXX generated a receipt to reflect the amount of the stolen merchandise, equaling: $478.00. A query of Mr. Garcia through Somerville dispatch revealed that, he had two active arrest warrants issued (docket#1738CR000800 & docket#1850CR000061). I learned from XXXX that Mr. Garcia was trespassed from all Home Depot store from an incident that occurred in Everett.

I placed Mr. Garcia under arrest in a manner consistent with my training by placing handcuffs on him, (double locked and checked for proper tightness). Mr. Garcia was transported in unit 200, operated by Officer Thomas Lambert, to the Somerville Police station. Mr. Garcia was booked by Lieutenant Jeff Digregorio in the usual manner.

I will be filling the following charges against Mr. Garcia;
-C.H.266/ S.30 Larceny under $1200.
-C.H.266/ S.120 Trespass.

I will be attaching digital photographs and the receipt originated by XXXX to this report for digital preservation.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Jorge Morel
Badge #356

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