Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Diego GONZALEZ Larceny Home Depot

On Wednesday April, 24, 2019, I, Officer Jorge Morel, and my partner Officer Devin Schneider was working patrol in marked cruiser East-1 during the 8am-4pm shift. At approximately 9:51 am, Officer Tim VanNostrand notified dispatch and other units over the radio that, he was contacted by Home Depot Loss Prevention Officer XXXX. XXXX told Officer VanNostrand that a Hispanic male, later identified as Gonzalez F. Diego, wearing a black jumpsuit with a white solid Nike hat, attempted to carry outside merchandise from the Store without paying for it. Officer VanNostrand was informed by XXXX that Mr. Gonzalez fled into a Gold Minivan.

Shortly after, Officer Tim Sullivan from the K9 unit, notified dispatch and other units over the radio, he had stopped a vehicle matching the description with a New York registration #xxxx at the intersection of Middlesex Ave and Fellsway, a short distance from Home Depot. Officers Tim Van Nostrand, Schneider and I, arrived to the location momentarily. As all Officers on scene approached the Motor Vehicle, it was observed that there was two occupants inside the car. The driver of the vehicle, XXXX, and the passenger XXXX.

Officer Tim Van Nostrand observed a person hiding under a blanket in the back of the vehicle. The person hiding was identified as Mr. Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez was visibly sweating, nervous and kicking items under the seat. Officers asked all occupants of the vehicle to exit. At this moment Officer Jose Ramirez from the Tango unit 9 and Sergeant Mike Holland arrived on scene as backup. All occupants of the Vehicle had trouble speaking English. I would like to note that I speak, read and write Spanish fluently due to my heritage. I conducted a pat frisk of Mr. Gonzalez and asked him, where he was coming from; he shook his head and stayed silent. I asked him if he was inside the Home Depot store or the parking lot, he stated no and shook his head once again.

Officer Van Nostrand received a digital photograph from XXXX, of the male that attempted to walk out of the store with the merchandise and the appearance matched Mr. Gonzalezs. I placed Mr. Gonzalez under arrest in a manner consistent with my training by placing handcuffs on him, (double locked and checked for proper tightness). A search of the vehicle was conducted, which yielded no further evidence. Mr. Gonzalez was transported to the Somerville Police Station in prisoner transport unit unit 200, operated by Officer Juan Ducasse. At the station he was booked in the usual manner by the Commanding Officer: Lt. Sean Sheehan.

I conducted a pat frisk of XXXX and asked him, where he was coming from and heading to, XXXX stated that he was hired as a driver to pick up and transport the Gold Minivan to New York. I asked XXXX if he knew the other passengers, XXXX stated that he was only driving them and the Minivan back to New York.

I conducted a pat frisk of XXXX and asked him, where he was coming from and going to. XXXX produced a similar story as XXXX. I asked him if he knew XXXX and Mr. Gonzalez, he stated that he didnt know the driver well, but Mr. Gonzalez was somewhat related to his family.
An Inventory of Mr. Gonzalez items revealed that he only had $25 dollars on cash and no credit cards. This would indicate that Mr. Gonzalez did not have the financial means to pay for the Generator.

A follow up with XXXX revealed that Gonzalez was carrying on a shopping cart, two Honda Inverter Generators with an estimated value of $2018.00. Mr. Gonzalez was observed by XXXX exiting the store throughout the entrance door, beyond the purchase point, when XXXX attempted to stop him. Mr. Gonzalez let go of the shopping cart and ran outside throughout the main entrance, XXXX was able to catch up to Mr. Gonzalez and asked him to return to the store. Mr. Gonzalez than took off running once again and entered a Gold Minivan.

I will be filling the following charges against Mr. Gonzalez;
-C.H.266/S.30 Larceny over $1200.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Jorge Morel
Badge #356

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