Somerville Overcoming Addiction:Let’s Talk Drug Courts

By JoAnn Bocca-Rivieccio


Let’s talk Drug Courts ….  Recovery court is considered a specialty court and The Judge at the Somerville Court House is not a fan of Specialty courts. 

I don’t think any one person should decide whether this type of court should or shouldn’t be in the Somerville or not. With an epidemic consuming so many lives in this country shame on you !!! When someone’s life depends on it … 

The specialty courts available for example at Cambridge Third District Court are Homeless , Mental Health and Recovery courts .

I have yet to go to a Recovery Court Session, But will take a day off from work to go in the very near future.  

My first specialty court visited was during the summer on a Friday afternoon. I witnessed   an inspiring court session. JudgeRoanne Sragow is one of the most compassionate court professionals I have ever encountered.  She along with former Alderman Robert McWatters ( recently retired PO) and other court personnel always do their utmost best to help persons in need.   I consider them to be the dream team.  The success rate is exceptionly high and everyone that graduates receives a certificate.  

I have been told even though Somerville doesn’t have specialty courts, a request to go to Cambridge is possible. I want also to mention that on Wednesday April 10th at 6pm there will be an Open Mic and Substance Abuse Discussion hosted by Teen Empowerment and SOA.  Everyone is welcome to attend and perform.

I will be singing and reading a poem , so come and witness this event.  Special guests Matt Ganem, Marcial Navigator Quinonezand Matty O’Malley will be there.   Lets talk recovery as well,there will be many in recovery speaking about how it is certainly obtainable and they are living proof.  Hope to see you there  

2 thoughts on “Somerville Overcoming Addiction:Let’s Talk Drug Courts”

  1. The Somerville Court Probation Department in conjunction with with Judge Maurice Flynn have been operating evening meetings with Probation Officers present and actively assisting Probationers with their recovery. Thee is no better way to judge someones progress than to see it first hand. Probation Officers report back to the Court the progress of Probationers and Judges are notified of a slip in their recovery.
    The Program has been given commendations from the Office of the Commissioner of Probation a number of times over the close to 20 years it has been in operation. As well other Courts have Probationers attend their evening meetings, that bin itself says so much about how good this program is.
    Know your facts beforre speaking

    1. Does Somerville have a Recovery Court Rich ?
      I have been at the Somerville court House and been to many sessions .
      plus sectioned individuals. I just recently attended a Public Safety meeting at city hall in which included District Attorney Marion Ryan and Somervilles court Magistrate . I do know my subject and what I am talking about, although I didn’t work there like you did Rich.

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