Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Bonnie DWYER (Trespass, Disorderly)

On 06/05/18 at around 22:30 hours, while in full uniform and assigned to the station man area, Bonnie Dwyer was take in into custody for Trespassing and Disorderly.

Ms.Dwyer came into the lobby of the Somerville Police station early in the evening.  She had come to the police station to speak to an officer to report a past crime she had been a victim of.  Ms.Dwyer was given the forms to fill in the lobby.  Periodically, Ms.Dwyer would come to the window and she would begin to curse and asked, “why we weren’t doing our jobs in helping her?”.  As Officer Ubeda was walking through the lobby, Ms.Dwyers attention turned to Officer Ubeda, as Officer Ubeda had dealt with her earlier in the week.  As Ms.Dwyer turned to Officer Ubeda and pointed at him, she yelled, “That’s the fat fuck that made me lose my money”.  While she was creating a commotion in the lobby, there was a community meeting in session across the hall from where Ms.Dwyer was standing.  Ms.Dywer was asked to stop cursing and to continue with the paper work she was asked to fill.  While speaking to Ms.Dwyer, some members in the community meeting were looking at our direction, taking their attention from the meeting.  Again, Ms.Dwyer was asked to stop the yelling and cursing and she was reminded, that she was in a public building, or she would be asked to leave the building.

Ms.Dwyer did calm down and she seemed to be filling out the forms.  Ms.Dwyer became upset again, and asked, if there was a business that was opened 24 hours, besides the Dunking Donuts in Union Sqr.  Ms.Dwyer was directed to the Dunkin Donuts in Magoun Sqr, which is also open 24 hours. She became upset at the idea and began to yell and curse.  Ms.Dwyer again was asked to stop with the profanities and the yelling or she would need to leave the building.  Ms.Dwyer said, “you can’t fucking do that”.

After asking Ms.Dwyer numerous times to stop with the profanities and screaming, she was asked to leave.  Ms.Dwyer, immediately, said, “I’m not leaving”.  Ms.Dwyer was asked again, to leave the building and she refused.  At this time, I placed Ms.Dwyer under arrest for Trespassing and Disorderly conduct.

Ms.Dwyer was booked and finger printed in the usual manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Ramirez, Jose #259

Somerville Police Dept.

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