Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Joseph NORMAN (Firearm Carry, Deface Firearm Serial # & SPD Warrant)

“Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report by SHA (LC)”.

On 10/31 /2018 NORMAN did knowingly have in his or her possession, or under his or her control in a vehicle, a loaded



On 10/31/2018 NORMAN did own, possess or transfer possession of ammunition, as defined in G.L. c.140, §121, without complying with the requirements relating to firearm identification cards as provided FIREARM SERIAL NO., DEFACE c269 §llC on 10/31/2018 NORMAN did, by himself or another, remove, deface, alter, obliterate or mutilate tube serial number or identification number of a firearm, as defined in G.L. c.269, § 11A, On Wednesday October 31″ 2018 at approximately 22:00 hrs. Investigator Browne and I, Investigator Granitsas of the Somerville Housing Police were conducting a patrol of the Mystic River Development. I was alerted by Invs. Browne that a male known to us to have a warrant walking from 35 Memorial Rd heading in the direction of 25 Memorial Rd. Invs, Browne indicated it appeared to be JOSEPH, NORMAN.

It should be noted that NORMAN assaultive towards me  during an arrest attempt a few weeks back resulting in him fleeing and evading arrest. Invs. Browne indicated he would circle around the other side of 45 Memorial Rd and attempt to approach him from the front while parked near 25 Memorial Rd and exited my cruiser and went to track him down.

I observed NORMAN take a sharp left walking on the sidewalk in front of now 45 Memorial Rd. I alerted Invs. Browne via work cell phone direct connect that he was walking towards his cruiser. Invs. Browne exited his cruiser and stopped NORMAN. I walked up to them and alerted dispatch we were off with one male. I immediately identified the male as NORMAN, JOSEPH and requested dispatch to run his name through the WMS (warrant management System). Dispatch came back with one warrant in hand and we immediately removed his backpack and placed him in custody.

He was placed into handcuffs from the rear. We called for the transport wagon (unit 200) for transport to begin the booking producer. While searching his person incident to arrest and to make note of his belongings. I began to pat his right side of his waistband. I felt a hard object and rolled his coat up and observed the handle of a gun and the magazine. I alerted Invs. Browne of the firearm and I removed it and placed it on the ground beside me and made sure Invs.  Browne had the NORMAN secured.

I requested a few more units to the scene and also a supervisor. Invs. Browne brought him away from me and to a fence and I began to secure the firearm I removed the magazine and attempted to rack the slide back to make the firearm safe. It appeared the firearms locking mechanism was broken and the slide slid forward appearing to be a functioning firearm. I observed a few rounds in the magazine. I demanded NORMAN to produce a firearms identification or License to carry card and be indicated be doesn’t possess one. Upon further inspection of the firearm, it appeared to be a Beretta 9mmNano. I observed the serial number on the side of the firearm to be completely defaced and scratched out, unable to determine any of the numbers.

As a few Officers arrived I secured the firearm on my person. While unit 200 arrived it appeared Invs. Browne observed a few unruly groups behind us as he addressed the issue multiple officers arrived and assisted. 1 secured the firearm in an evidence bag and brought it to the Somerville Police station, it was placed in a secured evidence locker and tagged for evidence.

Respectfully Submitted,

Invs. Peter Granitsas

Somerville Housing Police #930

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