Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Briana BARNOSKI (Trespass)

“Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report by SHA (LC).

The following is a brief summary of facts pertaining to incident #18064688.

While conducting an investigation/arrest outside of 45C Memorial Road I heard a familiar female voice yelling from across the street.

When I turned around I observed the familiar party known to me as Brianna Cannizarro DOB xxxxx of 201 Essex St in Lynne Ma 01243.

I heard her yelling something to the individual that we were arresting but it was not clear what it was that she said. Her yelling had caused a small group of people to gather and cause a disturbance to our investigation/arrest (for illegal possession of a FIREARM) .

I advised Brianna to stop what she was doing and to move along as I had advised her on 2 other occasions that she was subject to arrest for the TRESPASS ORDER that she had against her.

As she screamed at me just like on the prior occasions that I gave her a break on she yelled I don’t have a fucking Trespass you fucking asshole.

I advised her that I would not be giving her another break and ordered her to leave immediately and to stop yelling and causing a scene.

At this point she continued to say I don’t have a Trespass-fuck the police. When we had enough police presence to assist me I walked over to Brianna and placed her under arrest for the TRESPASS violation C266 S120.

The strong odor of alcohol was emanating from her mouth. She was transported to the Somerville Police station by SPD Unit-200 where she was booked in the usual manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Sean Browne-Investigator

Somerville Housing Police

Badge # 919

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