Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jacqueline MCCALL (OUI Drugs, Negligent Op of MV)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.

On October 16, 2017, I, Officer David Ruf, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser West-6, for the Somerville Police Department.  At approximately 4:43 P.M., I was dispatched to the area of Broadway and Lowden Ave for a motor vehicle driving erratically. Officer Wyatt (West-5) also responded as backup.

Upon arrival in the area, dispatch informed units that the motor vehicle was now traveling west bound on Broadway heading towards Teele Square. I was able to locate the vehicle, Mass Registration xxxx, waiting in traffic. I conducted a motor vehicle stop in front of 109x Broadway, a public way in the city of Somerville. I approached the operator, later identified as Jacqueline McCall, and informed her the reason for the stop. I asked Jacqueline for her license and registration, which she provided, but not without difficulty. At this point I noticed her eyes to be pin point and her voice to be slow and raspy. I asked Jacqueline if she had taken anything and she stated that she was prescribed methadone and she was allowed to drive on it.

I radioed for additional assistance, and Officer Chris Fusco (East-2) responded. Officer Fusco is a certified ARIDE officer, a certified DRE expert and he performed field sobriety testing/assessments. The facts regarding the testing can be found in Officer Fusco’s report.

While tests were being performed, I spoke with the reporting party, identified as XXXX by phone. She stated that around 266 Broadway she witnessed a female operator driving Mass Registration xxxx riding other motor vehicles bumpers, cutting them off, driving to slow and swerving all over the road. The vehicle was also occupied by a male passenger that was passed out. At one point she stated she witnessed the female operator smoking one cigarette and then attempted to light another one while bobbing her head side to side. She stated around Broadway and Cedar Street that the motor vehicle kept swerving to the right and almost hit a few parked cars. XXXX stated that as they approached the Powder House Rotary, the motor vehicle was forced to stop, but then abruptly squeezed through and cut off four motor vehicles causing those vehicles to slam their brakes. XXXX ‘s last sight of the car was heading west bound on Broadway towards Teele Square.

Officer Fusco informed me that Jacqueline had shown signs of impairment, and the opinion was formed that Jacqueline under the influence of drugs.

I placed Jacqueline under arrest for operating under the influence of drugs (90/24/F), and negligent operation of a motor vehicle (90/24/E). Citation #T1227056 was issued to Jacqueline. She was transported back to the station by Unit #200 Officers Desrochers and Ribeiro and was booked by Lt. Sheehan.

Officer Schneider was called to further evaluate Jacqueline. He informed me that based on his opinion as a certified drug recognition expert, Jacqueline McCall was under the influence of narcotic analgesics and central nervous system stimulants, and was unable to operate a vehicle safely.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer David Ruf #334

Somerville Police Department

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