Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Justin MYRICK (VCO Open Container)

On Saturday, 10/20/2018, I was working my assigned 4PM to 12AM shift in the East-1 cruiser with my partner, Ofc. Devin Schneider. At approximately 8:00PM, my partner and I, along with Officers Fusco, Goulart and Soares were on a motor vehicle stop on Marshall Street (refer to incident #18062426). Marshall Street is a public way. During the motor vehicle stop, officers observed a group of young males pass by, two of the parties were known to officers as Justin Myrick and XXXX.

After the completion of the motor vehicle stop, Ofc. Fusco stated that he saw XXXX holding a brown bag with what appeared to be a bottle of alcohol in it.

A short time later, Ofc. Schneider and I were patrolling on Pearl Street and turned onto Skilton Avenue. There was a group of approximately 30 young males blocking the street. As soon as Officers Fusco and Goulart arrived, Ofc. Schneider exited the cruiser and a large bulk of the group ran towards Leathers Park. Ofc. Schneider saw a couple of them with open containers of alcohol in their hands so he walked quickly towards them. While Ofc. Schneider was moving through Leathers Park, Justin Myrick stopped and said that he wasnt going to run. Ofc. Schneider approached him; I followed. Myrick was holding an open bottle of 750ml Hennessy Cognac, which was half empty. Pearl Street and Skilton Avenue are public ways. Leathers Park is a public park.

Ofc. Schneider and I explained to Myrick that it is a crime to drink alcohol in public. Myrick stated that he wasnt doing anything but hanging out and drinking but that he was leaving and going to his girlfriends house now. I confiscated the bottle of Hennessy from Myrick and told him that I was going to summons him. I told him to go home and he said that he was going to take an Uber to his girlfriends house.

Shortly after clearing, Ofc. Schneider and I went to back up Officers Fusco, Goulart and Soares on a stop on Pearl Street and Jasper Street, where they had located XXXX. While serving as backup, Ofc. Schneider and I observed a couple of males across the street talking to XXXX and other individuals in his Infiniti. Two of the individuals, Justin Myrick and XXXX stayed there watching the stop of XXXX. Ofc. Schneider and I approached Myrick and XXXX. Ofc. Schneider asked XXXX if he had a gun on him. XXXX said Whatever, Id just beat that case too. Ofc. Schneider then pat frisked XXXX for safety. Ofc. Schneider and I then told Myrick that we told him to go home. Myrick stated that he was walking to the bus stop. However, he was across the street talking to XXXX, then stood across Pearl Street watching the stop of XXXX.

I searched Myrick for weapons and handcuffed him in the front due to his broken upper arm, which was in a cast. I told Myrick that he was under arrest for an open container.

After the transport vehicle arrived, Ofc. Thomas Lambert searched Myrick again. I placed him in the transport vehicle. Ofc. Lambert transported Myrick back to the Somerville Police Station, where he was booked by Lt. William Rymill.

Myrick was charged with violation of Somerville City Ordinance 9-1: Alcoholic Beverages in a Public Place.

Respectively Submitted,

Ofc. Priscilla Ribeiro

Badge #349

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  1. How can you arrest someone who doesn’t have an open container on them.Sorry Newbie back to the academy

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