Return Completed Census Form to Help Shorten Election Day Lines

Did you know that failure to return your completed Census form could impact how long you stand in line on Election Day? If you did not vote in the September 4 Primary Election and haven’t returned this year’s census form you could now be an inactive voter. To keep your voting status active – and to help avoid those longer lines on November 6 – return your census form to the City by emailing, faxing it to 617-625-5643, or dropping it off at the Elections Desk in the basement of City Hall no later than Wednesday, October 17. Blank forms can be found at by clicking on the ‘Census’ tab.

Census responses do more than simply expedite the voting process or provide the City with useful data; they also dictate the flow of some population-based federal funding. As a result, taking the time to fill out and return your form is a simple and easy way to help us secure funding for City programs and services.

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