Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Pedro RODRIGUEZ HERNANDEZ (Shoplifting) at Kmart

On September 27, 2018, at approximately 13:50 hours, I received a request for assistance from Kmart Loss Prevention, regarding a shoplifter who had just fled the store. Loss Prevention officers stated that they were currently watching the suspect in front of the Steve Madden store. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male, wearing a blue shirt and blue pants.

Officer Schneider and Officer Ribiero located the suspect, later identified as Pedro Rodriguez Hernandez, standing in front of Brooks Brothers, only a few stores down from Steve Madden. Kmart Loss Prevention was on scene, and told us Pedro had concealed multiple items, including clothing, electronic razors, headphones, candy, etc., inside a small backpack, which he then concealed in a paper Christmas Tree Shop bag. He also stole a full size Kmart backpack, which he threw over his shoulder before exiting the store. In total, the loss to Kmart amounted to $139.92. Pedro was placed under arrest for Shoplifting by Concealment, and escorted to Unit 200 for transport.

As he was about to enter the transport wagon, Pedro repeatedly requested to go to the hospital so he could get xxxxx. Once inside the transport wagon, operated by Officer Buswell, Pedro repeatedly banged his head against the side of the wagon so he could create an injury and require medical treatment. Once at the station, Pedro then stated that xxxxxx unless he could go to the hospital. He was subsequently transported to Cambridge Hospital by Cataldo, and I followed in a cruiser. Cataldo EMTs told me Pedro “celebrated” once he was inside the back of the ambulance, as he believed he succeeded in evading arrest. At Cambridge Hospital Pedro was cleared by both medical doctors and mental health doctors, who believed he was faking to get out of being arrested. He was discharged from the hospital, and transported back to the station in Unit 200 for booking.

It should be noted that after Pedro’s initial transport to the station, I conducted a follow-up at Kmart, where I viewed surveillance footage of the incident. On camera I clearly observed Pedro walk about the store selecting items, which he then concealed in the small backpack, and Christmas Tree Shop bag. He was with an associate while walking about the store, and even went so far as to wait near the registers with his concealed merchandise while the associate paid for his own merchandise. After the associate paid, Pedro walked around the registers, to the store entrance, and briefly hesitated, looking around. He then threw the large backpack over his shoulder, grabbed the Christmas Tree Shop bag full of concealed merchandise, and exited the store without paying. Kmart Loss Prevention officers were able to recover the stolen merchandise past the store threshold, as Pedro ditched it while fleeing.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece


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