Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Luis ACEVEDO (Armed Robbery)

“Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report by SHA (LC)”


The following is a brief summary of facts pertaining to incident #18057885.

Investigators Browne and Gabaree were dispatched to 1xx Alewife Brook Pkwy- outside- for a report of an ARMED

ROBBERY C265 S17 to with a knife.

Investigators Browne and Gabaree were met at this location by SPD W-7, Ofc Dave Ruff. We spoke to the reporting party/VICTIM- XXXX DOB xxxx of xxxxxxx.

The victim reported that at approximately 7:45pm, she was in the hallway of 1xx Alewife Brook Pkwy when she was

approached by the SUSPECT- Luis Acevedo DOB xxxx of HOMELESS.

XXXX stated that she has personally known Mr. Acevedo for almost 15 years as they grew up together in the

XXXX. XXXX stated that Louis approached her and said “hey I need some money” XXXX said that she did not have any.

At this time Mr. Acevedo pushed her against the hallway wall and pulled out a small pocket knife and placed it against

her throat saying “Ill take your fucking money”. At this time Mr. Acevedo reached into her Black colored handbag that she had hanging from her shoulder and grabbed her $20.00 bill that was in her handbag then he ran out the building door.

XXXX stated that she then observed him enter the passenger side door of a Dark Blue colored vehicle driven by

an unknown Asian female that exited the parking lot in an unknown direction.

She further stated that just prior to the incident she had observed that same Asian female exiting xxxxxx.

XXXX gave us the clothing description of a light colored sleeveless tank top tee shirt with light colored shorts

type bottoms. She also said that his hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Investigators Browne and Gabaree along with SPD E-7 Ofc. Dave Ruff checked the surrounding area looking for Mr.

Acevedo who was known to us. Shortly thereafter We observed Mr. Acevedo standing in front of Venus Pizza 1293 Broadway just around the corner from where the Robbery occurred.

Mr. Acevedo was wearing the clothing and hair style given to us by the victim. All officers converged where Mr. Acevedo was standing and he was taken into custody without incident.

While conducting a pat frisk of Mr. Acevedo incident to his arrest, SPD Ofc. Ruff found an Ounce of Marijuana in his front right pants pocket along with joint rolling material, matches and a $10.00 U.S. currency.

The marijuana was taken to the SPD and placed in for destruction. SPD W-6 Ofc Anderson arrived with a show-up form and assisted us with this procedure. The victim was brought to our location and made a POSITIVE identification of the suspect/Mr. Acevedo. All the proper paperwork will be provided.

Mr. Acevedo was transported back to the Somerville Police department by SPD Unit-200 where he was booked in the

usual manner. Mr. Luis Acevedo DOB xxxx HOMELESS is being charged with ARMED ROBBERY to with a knife C265 S17.

Respectfully submitted;

Sean Browne-Investigator

Somerville Housing Police

Badge #919

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