Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kenji MATSUDA (Disorderly, VCO Poss of DW)

On September 29, 2018 I was on patrol with my Field Training Officer, Officer Tim Van Nostrand in Cruiser East 1. At around 2142 we took a call to the XXXX at 1xx Highland Ave, Somerville, MA for the removal of unwanted persons. We were dispatched with other Officers. We arrived to find Officers Moreira & Lorenti attempting to remove a group of people from the establishment at the request of the bar’s management. Along with Officers Moreira and Lorenti, we removed said parties to the sidewalk.

Once on the sidewalk, Officers Moreira & Lorenti were attempting to arrest the female individual from the removed group who was being combative. It was then that a group of people began to encircle us. Officer Van Nostrand and I began protecting Officers Moreira and Lorenti from this group. We began giving verbal commands for people to step back.  At this point, I drew my baton as the potential of this situation was becoming volatile. One individual who refused at least four commands to stop coming closer was Kenji M Matsuda (DOB: xxxx) of 130 Avon St, Unit 45, Malden, MA 02149. I and Officer Van Nostrand both ordered Mr. Matsuda to stop coming closer, and Matsuda was physically pushed away from the officers affecting the arrest four separate times.  As he continued to refuse our lawful orders, Officer Van Nostrand placed restraints on Mr. Matsuda. We then informed him he was under arrest.

Upon searching Mr. Matsuda, Officer Van Nostrand found a pocket knife, silver in color and with a blade over 2.5 inches. We then also charged Mr. Matsuda with a violation of a city ordinance (possession of a dangerous weapon, 9-96.) Mr. Matsuda was then transported to the Somerville Police Department for booking.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Michael Cleary

Badge 353

Somerville Police Department

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