Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kevin MACDONALD (Defacement Malicious Wanton Property)

On Thursday, 09/27/2018, at @ 2;47 A.M., while on uniformed patrol in Car E-2, I was dispatched to the area of #xx Union Sq. for a report of possible glass breakage and attempted B&E. A call was received by Somerville 911 of loud noises and possible breaking glass at this building site. Upon my arrival, and assisted by Car E-3 Off. Ruf, Car E-4 Off. Bork, and Car E-1 Off. Messauodi, I observed a 3′ x 1′ pane of glass that had been smashed by a piece of asphalt that was lying on the ground directly in front of the store, XXXX, xx Union Sq. Somerville. The pane of glass was not fully broken through but it was severely spider webbed. XXXX is a retail establishment that sells hookah pipes, water pipes, and E cigarette merchandise (Vapes and Juuls).

As I was checking the store front for damage and/or possible entrance, my attention was diverted to an upstairs residential window. At this time a male and female came to the window and explained the reason for the call. As the two sleeping, they were awakened by a loud banging directly below their window. The male stated that he approached the window, looked down to the sidewalk below, and observed the following individual leaving the storefront: 1 W/M, tall, @ 5’10” – 6’00”, thin build, wearing a white hoodie, dark sunglasses, and black pants. When the male observed the tenant/witness, he fled the area toward St. Joseph’s Church (westbound). Once I announced the suspect’s description over our radio system, the other 3 units began canvassing the area. The witness believed that the suspect fled on foot because he did not observe or hear a M/V leaving the area once he was awoken.

A few minutes later, Car E-1 Off. Messaoudi radioed dispatch that he observed a W/M fitting the description of the suspect on Washington St. at Calvin St. Car E-4, Car E-3, and I responded to Washington St. at Calvin St. where Off. Messauodi had detained the suspect/defendant, Kevin MacDonald of 21 Wildes Rd. Chelmsford, Ma., with a DOB of xxxx. The suspect/defendant was wearing the following clothing at the time of the stop: a white hoodie, black baseball hat, dark sunglasses, black pants, and black sneakers. He is a W/M, he is @ 6’00”, and he weighs @ 180 lbs. (thin build). At the time of the stop in front of  #3xx Washington St. (XXXX), he was the only male present and walking in the Union Sq. vicinity with the exception of 1 W/M, short, stocky, wearing a grayish T-shirt and light colored pants. The stop occurred @ 6-7 blocks from the location of XXXX (@ a 10 minute walk).

Upon my arrival at Washington St. and Calvin St., I approached the suspect/defendant and asked him a few basic questions (name, address, DOB, and where are you coming from). The suspect/defendant did provide me with some answers. At this time, I produced my Miranda Rights card and read the suspect/defendant his Miranda Rights. The suspect/defendant answered in the affirmative that he understood each right as I read them to him. I asked him if he wanted to make a statement about his actions prior to being detained and he stated that he did not wish to speak to me about his actions in Union Sq. He did state that he was looking for his lost car in Harvard Sq, that he was shopping in the Somerville area (3;00 A.M.), and that he was also looking for the Prudential Center. Based upon the previously stated facts and circumstances, I formed the opinion that the suspect had smashed the 3′ x 1″ window of XXXX at #xx Union Sq. Somerville. I informed him that I was placing him under arrest for the above stated charge. Off. S. Costa arrived on scene with Wagon #200, the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, when he was transported to the station, booked and advised of his rights by Lt. DeOliveira. I took several photos of the damage to the 3′ x 1′ window at XXXX. While at the booking window, an inventory of the defendant’s property was undertaken per SPD policy. Located in the defendant’s property were the following 2 items: 1 Juul and 1 Vape E-cigarette. Both items are consistent with the merchandise that is located within and sold from XXXX.

Respectfully submitted,

Det. James McNally #80

Somerville Police Dept.

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