Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jennifer RIVERA (Larceny Over $1200)

On Sunday, September 30th 2018, I, Officer Mark Canty, responded to KMART at 4:15 PM for a shoplifter in the office. Upon arrival I spoke with the loss prevention officer, XXXX, who said he had observed Ms. Jennifer Rivera reaching over the jewelry counter and remove a ring from the display case. Ms. Rivera then dropped the ring onto the floor behind the jewelry counter. Shortly after she is also observed walking behind the counter picking up the dropped ring. After obtaining the ring she is then seen walking directly to the fitting room. After exiting the fitting room she is observed leaving the store passing all the registers, not making any attempt to purchase any goods. At this time loss prevention exited the store and stopped Ms. Rivera where she was found in possession of goods belonging to KMART.

The total value of the items taken was $2211.19. At this time I placed Ms. Rivera under arrest for larceny over $1200.00. I double locked the handcuffs and checked for proper tightness. She was transported by unit 200 back to the station where she was booked by Lt. Sheehan. A copy of the receipt will be attached to this report. Video footage will also be available upon request.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Mark Canty

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