Somerville, A Safe Haven for Dirty Deeds

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By William Tauro

There are so many unanswered questions and potential unsolved criminal investigations out there about the Curtatone‘s and their political hack accomplices with no answers leaving Somerville as well as Middlesex County constituents blindfolded.

All the criminal accusations hovering over the elected Curtatone siblings out there just being swept under the rug not even being looked at.

After hearing the Curtatone family member’s confession why hasn’t the mayor himself been investigated for the fire of his family‘s own flower shop which she clearly states the he and an accomplice set and watched it burn from the bridge?

Why hasn’t Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services or our own fine Somerville Police Department opened any sort of investigation about the elder abuse that the Curtatone mother has taken over the years with allegations of beatings from her own daughter, Registrar Curtatone and her brother?

In some of my recent articles regarding the DPW Overtime Scandal and/or the Grand Theft of Somerville, why hasn’t any sort of city or state level investigation begun yet especially with all that overwhelming incriminating evidence presented? What’s going on here?

Why hasn’t the DPW commissioner been indicted or investigated yet on the city or state level yet regarding the alleged $10,000 white envelope extortion that resulted in the suicide of a firefighter candidate/former Navy Seal?

There is so much stuff here and hypothetically even if only 1% of it were true (which in my opinion I believe it is all true) should be more than sufficient and validate cause to begin an investigation because you cannot make this stuff up.

It only takes 1%, one allegation to be proven to be true to make an indictment stick, but nothing is being looked at on the city or state level.

Many of us are all wondering why Middlesex District Attorney Miriam Ryan’s office or Massachusetts Attorney General Maura T. Healey’s office hasn’t begun conducting an investigation of any kind on this as of yet?

Maybe we should contact their opponents candidate for Middlesex District Attorney Donna Patalano and candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General James “Jay” McMahon and ask them if they were the incumbents in office and how they would handle it?

Also why hasn’t Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin done anything about his employee, South Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone as of yet?

It’s absolutely appalling to know that after hearing the confession interview from Curtatone’s own family member detailing multiple years of criminal deeds and especially after Registrar Curtatone’s recent underage-drinking-fest that she hosted last month resulting in a stabbing as well as an assault Galvin as usual has turned his cheeks in the other direction.

Maybe we should contact his opponent Candidate for Massachusetts Secretary of State Josh Zakim who was only 10 years old when Secretary Bill Galvin was first elected as our secretary of state of Massachusettsas as well and ask him what he would do about this situation if he was this incumbent who sat idle for many years?

Maybe it’s time for change with new places, new people and honest politicians with dignity?

Maybe our district attorney has a conflict with the Curtatone‘s. Maybe our attorney general Mara Haley has a conflict or two with the Curtatone‘s especially after she hosted a fundraiser for him last year. Maybe Secretary of State Galvin has a conflict of being out of touch all these years with the Curtatone‘s and hasn’t done a darn thing about it as of yet.

Maybe it’s time to drain the swamp at the state level as well just like Somerville City Hall?

Maybe we have to go about things a different way this time at the polls and elect new people, get rid of the dead weight and put in some fresh blood?

Maybe these incumbents should be investigated as well?

We have forwarded this article to all the incumbents and candidates listed in this article and we patiently await their response. Let’s see how long it takes them to pick up the telephone and dial my number 617-293-2016 and/or send me a press release or a statement regarding it and see what actions they take.

Listen to the recorded interview above click and play and judge for yourself. Ask yourself why hasn’t any sort of investigation begun yet regarding this crucial evidence presented.

All I can say is thank God for the Feds!

This story is still developing…

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