Letter to the Editor:Kittens Being Left In Shoeboxes Across City

Dear Editor,

Hi can you please please put something on your page. Or in your paper. Someone is leaving kittens in shoeboxes all around the city.

My son found one on Virginian street in April, another girl found one on the same street two nights ago, and this morning my friend found one on wigglesworth street. They are tiny probably 3 weeks old.

We kept the one from April (I believe these are the same people because the boxes are the the same type , only a few holes punched in and taped up) a foster girl has the second which we might also take and my friend is keeping the one she found this morning but I want to get the word out for people to look and if they see a shoebox check it out!!!!

My name on facebook is christine desrochers-Broderick and I have made the last two kittens posts public.

Thank you!!

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Kittens Being Left In Shoeboxes Across City”

  1. Leaving kittens out like this is surely criminal animal cruelty and should be reported to the police. Thank you to those who checked these boxes, which could easily have been mistaken for litter, and cared for these poor little kitties.

  2. This is horrible. Young kittens left without food and water in summer weather. They could bring them to the shelter where they would receive medical care and be adopted out to screened homes. I hope the people keeping these kittens will have them neutered and not promote more unwanted kittens.

    1. Cheryl I an the person who found the first kitten. I gave him to a foster I know and trust. He will be fixed. He has already been adopted along with another kitty she was fostering that he bonded with. She will have him until he is old enough to leave. She is also currently hoping that the woman who found the second kitten will allow her to take it in as well. The babies are very small and need to be cared for round the clock. They also need proper socialization. They need other kitties to show them the way. It’s so important for their development.

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