Somerville Speakup Line: Tax Transfer legislative Matters Meeting # 2

On Wednesday April 11th. City Hall @ 6:00 P.M.  Tomorrow the Board of Alderman will continue their discussion on the TRANSFER TAX.  The public is invited but there is no public testimony being taken.

Homeowners, Residents, Commercial Property Owners, Realitors, Bankers can continue to contact their elected city officials to be sure you are heard.  It affects us all.

The amount of testimony they are receiving is having an impact.  This past Monday nights meeting  certainly had shown that many of the Alderman were listening to those that weighed in.

Although they did not have a formal proposal that everyone would be able to read and understand.

This was clear by the compassionate statements made by some of the members the hundreds of emails, phone calls and petition signatures they received during the last week since the public testimony was creating much more debate on the proposal.

Action verse anger will help guide the process and all of their decisions as we move forward.

Contact all your elected officials or attend Wednesday”s meeting and be sure to be present when and if they vote at the regular scheduled Aldermans meeting this Thursday April 10 th.

If you cannot attend try live stream or the government access channel and watch our elected officials in action.

Be seen be heard.


Stop the transfer tax Committee

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