Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Mark VERDERBER (Possession B) Drug Arrest on Mt Vernon Street


On the evening of January 30, 2018, members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit were conducting routine narcotic interdiction surveillance within the East Somerville area of the City of Somerville. The focus of the narcotic interdiction was within an area well known due to past Narcotic related arrests being made in the area. At 6:00 p.m. observations were made by Detective Cicerone of Mark Verderber (DOB 07/07/1962) walking on Mount Vernon Street heading towards Wheeler Street. Verderber is known to members of the Drug Control Unit due to his reputation involving the personal use of Controlled Substances.

At this Point Detective Cicerone began to initiate surveillance of Verderber and Notified Area Narcotic Detectives of the direction that Verderber was walking in. Shortly after I along with Detective Legros set up our unmarked Police vehicles in the area of Pearl Street and Mount Vernon. Detective Cicerone then called out over our two way radio that Verderber had just taken a right onto Wheeler Street where he met up with XXXXX on the corner of Wheeler by Mount Vernon Street.

I would note that XXXXX is known to members of the Drug Control Unit due to his reputation involving the personal use and distribution of controlled substances. I would also note that XXXXX was involved in a Crack Cocaine deal on 12/06/2017 (Incident #17073815) where charges will be filed against XXXXX for distribution of Crack Cocaine.

Upon XXXXX and Verderber meeting observations were made by Detective Cicerone of a brief hand exchange between the two. During the hand exchange Verderber grabbed something from XXXXX with his right hand and he immediately put the item in his right front pant pocket and departed the area walking from Wheeler Street back onto Mount Vernon Street and XXXXX walked down Wheeler Street where he took a left onto Pickney Street. I would note that Detective Cicerone was about ten feet away and had a unobstructed view of the two during the hand exchange.

Based on the training and experience of the Detectives on scene the behaviors displayed by XXXXX and Verderber during the course of this observation were consistent with that of a street level drug transaction. At this point Detective’s Cicerone and Legros exited their vehicle with their  Police badges prominently displayed on the exterior of their clothing and  Approached Verderber, to conduct a threshold inquiry in the area of Mount Vernon and Perkins Street.

As soon as Detective’s Approached Verderber he began to Become Confrontational. At this Point I terminated my pursuit of XXXX and stopped to assist Detectives with Verderber. When asked by Detective Cicerone and Legros where Verderber just came from and if he had met with anyone. Verderber was less than Truth full stating he did not meet anyone and that he was going home. At this point Detective Cicerone attempted to search Verderber right front pant pocket and Verderber pushed away Detective Cicerone’s hand. After a brief struggle, I along with Detective Cicerone placed Verderber into handcuffs for safety. Detective Cicerone then recovered a small baggie (preliminary weight 2 grams) with a white rocky substance believed to be Crack Cocaine from Verderber right front pant pocket.

I then advised Verderber that he was being placed under arrest for the charge of Possession of a Class B Substance. Verderber was then transported to the Somerville Police Station by Marked Detention Unit #200 (Ofc Rivera) to be booked by Lt. Digregorio.

A search of the area for XXXX came back with negative results. I will be filing for an arrest warrant for the charge of Distribution of a Class B Substance (94C/32 A/E) against XXXX. I would also note that XXXX currently has an active warrant for his arrest. The package of Crack Cocaine was placed into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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