Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Derek KENNEDY (OUI Liquor) Arrest on Middlesex Ave

On Saturday February 3, 2018 while on full uniformed patrol in marked unit 781, I(Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched to 1xx Middlesex Avenue for a report of a motor vehicle accident with personal injury. Marked units 783(Officer Tyler Sousa) and 782( Officer Juan Ducasse) came as back up. Officers Souza and Ducasse arrived on scene first and rendered aid. The driver of the motor vehicle stated to Officer Sousa he shouldn’t have been driving. Please see Officer Sousa’s supplemental report for a more detailed account of their interaction.

Upon arrival, I was updated by Officer Ducasse. He told me one male, XXXXX, was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital. The other passenger, XXXXX, accompanied him with no injuries. I saw the motor vehicle on the grass crashed into a brick wall. The wall was approximately 150 ft from the road way. There was extensive damage to the vehicle. There were skid marks on the road and tracks through the grass.

While speaking with Mr. Kennedy I noticed he was unsteady on his feet.  Mr. Kennedy’s eyes were bloodshot and his eyelids were half open. I asked Mr. Kennedy if he would be willing to preform Field Sobriety tests? Kennedy stated “no, I’d rather not.” based on my observations, I placed him under arrest for OUI Liquor.

Officer Sousa read the driver, Derek Kennedy, his Miranda Rights from a card he keeps on his person. I asked Kennedy what happened. He laughed and said “We ended up here.” I asked Mr. Kennedy if he had been drinking. He stated “Ya.” I then asked how much he had to drink? Mr. Kennedy responded by stating, “I don’t do pills, I had like 7 beers.” I asked where he was coming from? He stated “Here, XXXX.”  Mr Kennedy was transported By Unit 200(Officer Radochia) and booked in the usual manner by the Commander, Lt. Richard Lavey.

While at the station, Kennedy refused a Breath Test, administered by Officer George Dervishian and witnessed by Officer James Radochia. His Massachusetts Driver’s License was confiscated and his refusal form was submitted per policy.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306

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