Somerville Remembering Denise Goggin (1967-2017)

Our condolences go out to the Goggin Family for the loss of Denise. Denise

Goggin grew up in Somerville as one of the twins with twin sister Darlene.

Both have always been friends to so many amazing people here in the city of Somerville. They shared good times and they shared bad times, but they were always there for their fellow Somervillian in time of need.

Denise Goggin will be sadly missed here in Somerville but she will never be forgotten.

Please Donate To Denise Goggins’s

Go-Fund-Me-Page by clicking on the link below:

My name is Shayna Goggin, 25 and I am here to advocate for my mother, my sister, and entire family during a devastating time.

September 25th 2017, early Monday morning, A day many people will never forget…

I received a phone call from an amazing police officer whom I absolutley adore, stating that my mother had passed.

Not only did Somerville lose a true Villen, who tried her best, but also a soul who provided so much laughter and illumination into this world.

My beautiful 17-year-old sister Alyssa, lost her mother. She is just such a good kid. I lost my partner in life. My god mother Darlene lost her twin sister.  All losses unimaginable to be experienced by anyone from anywhere of any age or status.

Some of us, like myself, with the help of some strong loved ones of course, like to believe that one’s losses have the ability to lead us to countless gains due to our newly earned strength.

I speak for my entire family especially my baby sister, now as ready as I’ll ever be to ask for some help. I wasn’t ready for this. My mom was unable to take this burden off our backs as she struggled with addiction and I struggled my entire childhood just trying maintain.

I pulled through the best I could. The truth is if there is any way to make it easier for me, my sister, and the rest of my family it would be to please help us send off our mother in a way that any daughter would want to send their mother into the sweetest peace, freedom, or whatever comes after.

It is with great reluctance and faith that I have set up this account to accept any thoughtful donations.

Thank you so much for keeping our family in your prayers.

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  1. Omg!!! I was in Florida when I saw the post. I’m in such disbelief, asking for guidance and prayer for her beautiful daughters and peace for her in heaven. Gone way to soon Denise, rest in Paradise my friend🖤

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