The Somerville News Weekly’s Favorite Birthday & Magic Moment Photos of the Week


Many Villens celebrating their birthdays and Congratulations this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday greetings go out to Irene Reni Macarelli, Renata Gallo, Ada Tauro, Jonathan Tauro, Happy 4th Birthday to Arianna Louise Costa, Jane Doucette, Erin Nally, Teresa Paribello, Jim Vargas, Christina Ferguson, Kathy Maggiacomo, Jo-Ann Crosby, Christopher Dube, Michelle Petruzziello, Mark Lavelle, Helen- Bill Gioiosa, Donna Baldasaro, Judson Walker Greene, Sergei Sterev, Joey Lacey, Jean Mickiewicz Brunco, and Anthony Petruccelli!

Congrats on Anthony Monteiro‘s first game of the season!

Congratulations to the McGlashing family onthe new birth of Paul Steven McGlashing who was born on September 18th weighing 8 lbs. 9 oz.

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The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person Of The Week Joe Voutour

Joe Voutour photoBy William Tauro

Meet this week’s “Special Person of the Week: Joe Voutour

Joseph Voutour was born and raised in Somerville on Willow Avenue. He attended Somerville Trade High School and graduated with Valedictorian Recognition in the Electrical Career Field (1973) He pursued his career and received his Journeyman’s & Master’s License, along with a teaching Certificate. In 1974 he joined the US Air Force, did his four years active duty, and served in the Reserves for another sixteen years, retiring with many medals, awards & decorations. His job in the Air Force was in the electrical field. Continue reading The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person Of The Week Joe Voutour



Lets wait and see how many elected officials will be endorsing Mayor Joseph Curtatone this time around? We don’t think that many people want to stick their necks out for him anylonger amongst all these allegations! We will have to just wait and see which politicians will take the chance and be the first one and believe us we will let you know for sure!



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Just in case you’re out and about looking for our print editions during all this election news season and you cannot find it that means the mayor’s hoods are out there stealing our publications so you the readers can’t read the truth about them but here is the complete list where you can find them as well: Continue reading THE SOMERVILLE NEWS WEEKLY SAFE SECURED NEWSPAPER LOCATIONS

Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Lidiya PASHOLIKOVA (Trespass, AB Police)

On the above date and time, Officer Randy Isaacs and I, were dispatched to 270 Washington Street, Saint Patrick’s Shelter for a female, Lidiya Pasholikova, who was refusing to leave the premises. 

Upon our arrival, I was met by a staff member, XXXXX. XXXXX stated that Pasholikova missed curfew, and by policy a person who misses curfew is automatically barred from the shelter for three days. Pasholikova was informed by XXXXX that she needed to leave the premises because she was barred from the shelter until Monday, September 25, 2017, and the bed assigned to Pasholikova was now assigned to someone else. Pasholikova told XXXXX that she was not leaving because it was not fair.


There were three females sharing the room. As a result of the verbal commotion created by Pasholikova, one of the females assigned to the same room was awoken from her sound sleep. A second female who was present was patiently waiting for Pasholikova’s assigned bed. XXXXX informed me that the female who was waiting, was now assigned Pasholikova’s former bed. Officer Isaacs initially interacted with Pasholikova. He had suggested to her that she could stay at the Somerville Police Station lobby until we were able to locate another shelter with an available bed. Officer Isaacs had also offered to give Pasholikova a ride to the station. Pasholikova quickly dismissed and refused Officer Isaacs’ offer. Officer Isaacs had reminded Pasholikova that she was being asked to vacate the premises at XXXXX request. Pasholikova again refused to leave.


I then attempted to have conversation with Pasholikova. I reminded Pasholikova that another female was waiting for the bed, and I also reminded her that the staff as well as Officer Isaacs had asked her to leave to avoid any further incident. Pasholikova stated, “I am not leaving because it is not fair.” She had been informed numerous times that because she was not back at the shelter for curfew, the bed was assigned to someone else. XXXXX as an aside had informed me that they had to turn away ten other females because they were at full capacity. Pasholikova had mentioned that she did not want to leave the shelter because of her health. I asked Pasholikova twice if she would like medical attention, however, she refused both times. I offered Pasholikova a ride to the station, I also informed her that I would personally make phone calls to other shelters in the area to locate an available bed, and that I would provide her with a meal at the station while I made the phone calls. She refused all the suggestions that I had offered. She stated, “I am not leaving here, take me if you are going to take me. It is not fair.”


At that moment Officer Isaacs and I both agreed that Pasholikova was not willing to compromise with us. Officer Isaacs attempted to collect Pasholikova’s bags, when Pasholikova slapped his forearm. I informed Pasholikova that this was the last opportunity she had to leave the property or I would place her under arrest. Pasholikova stated that she was not leaving. I advised Pasholikova that she was being placed under arrest. Pasholikova was wearing a back pack during this encounter. As I unholstered my handcuffs, Pasholikova placed her hands behind her back and under her back pack. Pasholikova also laid on her back on top of the bed to halt our attempts to placing handcuffs on her. Once she was handcuffed, she was escorted outside.


The prisoner transport vehicle, Unit 200 was dispatched to our location at my request via radio transmission. As we were assisting Pasholikova into the wagon, Pasholikova began digging her fingernails into my right arm. She was immediately asked to release her grip from my arm, however, rather than complying, she buried her fingernails even deeper into my arm. With an open palm, I struck her back pack, which she was still wearing in order to stop her fingernails from digging further into my arm. Pasholikova was booked and processed in the usual manner at the Somerville Police Station.



Respectfully submitted,




Officer Eduardo Soares

Badge #272