Letter to the Editor:Mayor’s Suspicious Home/Florist Shop Fire

Dear Billy,

Just got the latest copy of The Somerville News Weekly. The article in your paper on the suspicious fire at florist shop/house on the property located at the intersection of McGrath Highway and Pearl Street that was owned by the mayor is on point.

Below are a couple more coincidental mysterious suspicious fires on their family owned properties that you may be interested in.

Look into following:

1) The fire on Boston Street at the mayor’s family property home that took place around 1985.

I was there and saw a Somerville Firefighter almost killed when he ran out of oxygen. They were rescued by brother firefighters over ladder.

Then arson investigators told me house was torched via accelerant smeared on kitchen walls and also noted was that valuables were removed from the house!!!

2) The fire on Adams Street around 1987 at the mayor’s family owned nursing home that was owned by another immediate family member was allegedly arson as well.

My point that I am trying to make here is that one family doesn’t get that much misfortune,  statistically or probability wise.

Good luck!

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